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FIRST LOOK: Disney Store exclusive ‘Toybox Action Figures’ (Packaging, Price, Lineup, & More)

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Toybox figure packaging

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Last week, the ShopDisney website gave us a little tease of an upcoming line of “Toybox” action figures.

Little other information was provided, but many people noticed the similarity both in design and wording to the cancelled Disney Infinity figures.

Former Disney Infinity VP of Production,  John Vignocchi, did confirm on twitter that these figures are based on the original Disney Infinity designs, but then were modified to add points of articulation.

This weekend, a source sent me images of a few of the Toybox action figures, giving us a better idea of the lineup, price, and more.

So let’s get started!

To be clear, these figures add no functionality to Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity is not coming back. These figures are just based/use the Disney Infinity art style. They are action figures.

Toybox Lineup

The initial ShopDisney image teased that figures would be coming from the Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar universes. Unfortunately no Disney Originals as of now.

Here is the initial lineup of Toybox figures:

  • Pixar: Buzz Lightyear, Woddy, and Jessie
  • Star Wars: Kylo Ren, Rey, and First Order Storm Trooper
  • Marvel: Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Iron Man

So the only figure that we did not get from Disney Infinity is the Storm Trooper. As you will see on the actual figure later, Iron Man’s suit design is different, this time being based on Mark 47 (or Mark XLVII) from Spider-Man Homecoming.

As you can see, Disney is using the exact same images from the Disney Infinity press shots on the back of the packaging.

At the time of posting, one source I talked to only received three figures (Spider-Man, First Order Storm Trooper, and Woody). But my assumption is that all of these figures listed above will be available on the November 3rd launch date.


One important part of these products is going to the price point. The new figure design adds multiple points of articulation and accessories, but lose their in-game dual purpose.

Disney Infinity figures (3.0 series) were $13.99.

The Disney Store has decided to sell the Toybox Action Figures for $12.95 a piece.

Disney Store typically marks their exclusive products up a bit higher than market value, so the price lines up with their existing lines. Thankfully the figures aren’t more expensive than the original Disney Infinity figures.


The Toybox Action figures are in similar packaging as other action figures (like the Star Wars 3 3/4” line).

You’ll notice there is no major ‘toybox’ branding logo. Instead each line will feature their respective franchise logo followed by the words ‘toybox’.

In fact, there is no mention of the other franchises on the box. For instance, if you picked up a Pixar toybox figure, you will not find the words Marvel or Star Wars.

They do mention that each figure is part of a “series” and it is part of a range of figures “across The Walt Disney Company”.


So there you have it. Our first look at the Disney Store exclusive Toybox action figures.

10 figures total from Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar.

All should be available on November 3rd exclusively in Disney Stores or online at ShopDisney for $12.95 a piece.

No word yet on if there will be more figures after this, or if this is just a run-off for the Holiday season.

It may all depend on how well these sell.

Finally, here are some of the images of the figures in the ‘real world’ so far. Including a look at the new Iron Man figure:

(via Jose Rivera)
(via Jose Rivera)
(via @TheGeekoutShow)
(Not in the ‘real world’, but here is Thor, via @hungryhim)

Editorial Note

These figures will definitely be a point of controversy for many in the Disney Infinity community.

Some people liked the game more than the figures, some people liked the figures more than the game. Some people are mad thinking this is a slap in the face for the developers and artists behind Disney Infinity. Others will view this as a great way for their legacy to live on.

I will admit that sometimes I like the look of the figures with articulation on them. Other times when I look at them I just long for the  mini statues that the Disney Infinity figures brought.

But the more I thought about it, the poseable action figure design makes sense.

Now you have a line of figures where you can really cross the franchises. Jessie from Toy Story will be able to wield  a lightsaber, Thor’s hammer could be the tool of destruction for Kylo Ren.

Many will start with wish lists, or comment that Disney should use new figures instead of rehashing the old ones. But, if you’re going to release a new line of toys, you have to start with the staples, don’t you?

Having the figures be Disney Store exclusives I think will actually give them a better chance of thriving.

So in the end, you have to remember Disney Infinity isn’t coming back, but this may be the next best thing we can get.

And for that, I’m excited to see these come around. Hopefully, just like Disney Infinity figures, they will continue to get better and better.

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